AOX Apparel

Our Story

AOX Apparel was created by Riza A. Shahid or as some know as Rz Shahid. It started out as some merch with Whats Your Xanadu T-shirts in 2019 which lead to the hoodies in 2020. AOX Apparel is a section of Art Of Xanadu LLC which was officially founded June of 2020 with the pursuit of embracing creative freedom and the idea of the Xanadu meaning a place of great luxury, beauty, and contentment. With the slow rise of AOX Apparel and new styles being created we plan to bring comfortable and fashionalble in the same room.

Rz Shahid in the WYX Meditate Hoodie

Mission Statement

Bringing the material that makes you feel like paradise, and the style that makes you feel like you’re the flyest in your city. Lets find your Xanadu.

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